Feng Shui Demystified

Learn how to reorganize your life to find a natural balance

While Feng Shui may seem like another hip fad in line with America’s billion dollar interior design industry, it is an ancient art with what research guess may more than 28,000 years of history.1 Feng Shui at it’s core has to do with the balance of placement and has been practiced for centuries in China. Feng Shui comes the two different Chinese words, Feng meaning wind and Shui meaning water.

Feng Shui also offers a unique perspective on looking at yourself and how you fit into your environment as well as how your environment fit into you to achieve balance.1

Feng Shui Cavemen1

Recent scientific research has shown as long as 28,000 years ago Neanderthal cavemen used a similar process of placement by selecting homes based on a certain criteria. These cavemen typically followed three basic principles: high ground, access to water, and visibility of the entrance and exit. Some researchers believe this helps show even at the start of civilization people were aware of the importance of placement.

Setting Up Your Space for Success2,3

There are a lot of Feng Shui tips available online but here are a few we researched and tried at our homes.

  • Allow sunlight and fresh air into your home
  • Keep your shoes away from the entry or foyer
  • Keep stones on your nightstand
  • Keep the kitchen clean
  • Incorporate water into your home
    • Alternatively, try a rounded mirror to help represent the water element
  • Paint in bold colors like red, purple, or green
  • Declutter and add some plants
  • Free space on bookcases or shelves
  • Add some fun flare to your home

We aren’t sure if these tips will boost our productivity and wealth just yet but we all collectively enjoyed the process.

Feng Shui one of your rooms and share your own Feng Shui photos and tips here!

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